About Asheville Music Guide

Why we exist

Asheville has a vibrant music community, but reading through dozens of venue websites can be tedious and time consuming. With so many shows happening each week, it can be easy to miss one of your favorite bands. Asheville Music Guide (AMG) is an independent, locally developed online resource that aims to help fans of live music stay up to date with shows happening at all of the venues in Asheville.


Being avid concert goers, musicians, and Asheville residents, we realized the need for something to keep track of upcoming concerts in the area, and then decided to build it. From intimate acoustic sets to dirty rock 'n roll bands to nationally-known headlining artists, AMG is the home for all things Asheville Music. But, we're more than just your run of the mill online event calendar. We recognize that you have certain preferences and your own eclectic music taste. Build and save a personalized schedule of your can't-miss shows, favorite musicians, and go to venues. There's an everest of music out there, let us be your guide.

About The Technology

What makes AMG so cool? We automate our music collecting. Using the Drupal platform, our custom built collection system leverages the power of python scripts to grab data from the local venue sites every day. This data comes in many forms, but we standardize it and pull it into our repository to organize, repurpose, and display. It was no small task, and took the elbow grease, creativity, and talent of a few data-minded individuals. What this has resulted in is a permanent collection of shows, bands, and venues under one roof. It's unlike anything the Asheville area has seen.

Get Involved

We're just a few guys, so support from venues, bands, and show-goers is essential. Give us your feedback, your support, your needs, and we'll pledge to make the best music guide that Asheville has ever seen. 

Contact us at: lauren@ashevillemusicguide.com

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