Targeted Advertising Opportunities with Asheville Music Guide


Targeted Advertising Opportunities with Asheville Music Guide

We are pleased to announce that Asheville Music Guide is now providing promotional opportunities to local businesses.

We've worked hard to become the premier site for live music in Asheville, and we're now offering a chance to attract highly-targeted, local traffic to your website. Whether you're a venue, brewery, restaurant, or any other type of business, Asheville Music Guide's targeted advertisements provide a direct line to the thriving music scene for locals and tourists alike.

Put your campaign to work for a one-time event, or create an ongoing campaign to gain visibility in the community — no matter your goals, you'll maximize your marketing budget with a trusted resource in Asheville. 

Our advertising packages start as low as $15 per campaign and are guaranteed to provide great value.

For information on placements, pricing, and traffic, please refer to the Asheville Music Guide Media Kit below.

To schedule your next campaign with Asheville Music Guide, please email us at [email protected].