9th Annual Django Reinhardt's Birthday Party feat. Stephane Wrembel and more!

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9th Annual Django Reinhardt's Birthday Party feat. Stephane Wrembel and more!

“A REVELATION” -David Fricke, Rolling Stone Magazine

"One the greatest guitar players I've ever seen ...and I don't say that lightly."
-Josh Baron, Relix Magazine

"A John Coltrane-ish search for a moment of musical nirvana..."
-Phil Gallo, Variety

"Don't miss this opportunity to see a truly astonishing talent in action."
-All About Jazz

One could call Stephane Wrembel a nomad, a gypsy, a world Traveler, for the music he plays and his lifestyle are expressions of the gypsy way of life.

Born in Paris and raised in Fontainebleau, home of impressionism and Django Reinhardt's music. Wrembel was classically trained in a music conservatory starting at age four.

Stephane's life took a decisive turn in his late teens when he first discovered the music of Django Reinhardt and the Gypsies. He spent the next ten years of his life learning, playing, and expanding on this musical tradition.

This hard work gave Wrembel the technique, but the time spent playing around the campfires and trailers of the Gypsies gavehim the soul - both necessary ingredients for him to master his art form. Stephane's education continued at the Berklee School of Music where after studying contemporary jazz and world music he graduated summa cum-laude. Soon after he moved to New York City to live and continue his career.

Like New York, Stephane is always in motion, always searching and never stopping in his quest for a new sound... “Ultrafaux breathes new life into jazz.” Sam Sessa, WTMD

“These musicians can handle the complexities and breakneck speeds of Roma swing, but what makes Ultrafaux really special is that they play original music." Tom Cole, WPFW & NPR

“One of the top 10 musicians out there.” - Marc Shapiro, Baltimore Style Magazine

“Ultrafaux's original compositions update the tradition and bring the swing into the 21st century.” Paul Hartman, Detour, WTMD

"Ultrafaux brings the swinging manouche style bang up-to-date.” Ken Avis, Baltimore Jazz Alliance

Ultrafaux is an acoustic powerhouse of two guitars and upright bass that has thrilled audiences at jazz festivals, concert halls & nightclubs since their first self-titled CD in 2014. Guitarists Sami Arefin and Michael Joseph Harris trade dazzling leads and harmonize together on rich gypsy-inspired melodies while the dynamic Zach Serleth holds down the steady swinging pulse on upright bass.

Lead guitarist and composer Michael Joseph Harris made the front page of The Baltimore Sun Weekend section in 2016 and was named one of the top 10 artists by Baltimore Style Magazine that same year. His band Ultrafaux has performed at the prestigious Festival Django Reinhardt in France, Django-A-Gogo, The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Django By The Sea, Midwest Gypsy Swing Festival, Charm City Django Jazz Festival, The French Embassy, IMT Folk Series, Napa Valley Jazz Society, and they have toured throughout the United States and Canada. UltraFaux has been featured on WPFW, WTMD, WDVX, KPIG, KVMR, WRNR, WDVX Blue Plate Special, Fox News Knoxville, and CBS News Baltimore. The members of Ultrafaux also serve as the core trio for Hot Club of Baltimore, a band specializing in the repertoire of Django Reinhardt.

Harris is Artistic Director and founder of Baltimore’s Annual Charm City Django Jazz Festival which featured Ultrafaux, Stephane Wrembel, & Rhythm Future Quartet at its premier in 2016 for two nights of sold out shows. Ultrafaux was featured with Leah Zeger, Russell Welch Quartet, and Koran Agan’s group Anouman the following year, and will join Samson Schmitt, Mario Forte, Henry Acker, Sara L'Abriola, and Thor Jensen for the 3rd annual festival in 2018.

The Ultrafaux song Latcho Dromo was chosen by acclaimed producer Jon Larsen to be featured on Django Festival #9, an annual compilation of the best gypsy jazz music worldwide released by Hot Club Records. Hot Club of Baltimore's song Place de Brouckère was selected for the subsequent year on Django Festival #10. Harris’ self-produced the full-length concert video Ultrafaux & Friends that has gained an international audience with over 60,000 views. Exploring a wide array of jazz standards, the band features guitar, two vocalists of different styles, stand-up bass, clarinet, flute and sometimes violin. For more beautiful variety, they groove to Latin tunes, such as bossa novas and rumbas, as well as to original compositions. The Gypsy Swingers create a unique experience for private parties, public crowds, weddings, festivals, bars, educational events and more.

Alina Q-Vocal/Kazoo, Mario Guitario – Lead guitar, Magick Sean – Rhythm Guitar, Andrew Platt- Bass, and Guest performer Jason Decristofaro – Vibraphones.