Feeding Fingers

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Feeding Fingers

Part of the Feeding Fingers USA / Europe 2018 tour in support of the album, 'Do Owe Harm'. Hosted by Charlie Gentner. Support details coming soon. $10 entry.

Justin Curfman returns with his 6th Feeding Fingers studio album, 'Do Owe Harm'. An exploration of polytonal / microtonal / xenharmonic music facilitated by the utilization of tunable analog synthesizers, quarter-tone guitars, fretless instruments, acoustic / electronic hybrid percussion, micro-intervallic wind instruments & vocals abiding cautiously within the notes between the notes.

The vast majority western music consists of 12 semitones. Whether you are a musician or not, certainly you know these semitones well, even if only by ear. These semitones are; C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, A#, B. These 12 semitones give us 1 octave. These octaves repeat.

The following is a gross simplification:

These are the 12 "colors", so to speak, that nearly all of western music has been painted with for 200+ years. However, the human ear is easily capable of detecting more than 128 different pitches within an octave. Meaning that 116+ pitches, or "colors" rather, have been essentially eliminated from the aural palette of the West. A grand piano has 88 keys. It could have 896+ keys, if we were willing to stretch our ears beyond the limitations of ebony and ivory. Microtonal music allows us to do that.

Each song on 'Do Owe Harm' was written upon a foundation of microtonality and superimposed with a surface layer of familiar equal temperament in an effort to synthesize the two into a natural state of polytonality. Curfman hopes that you won't even notice.

Guest Musicians:
Philipp Gerschlauer - Saxophone - "Hate Yourself Kind"
Marica Filomena Coppola - Violin - "A Happy Lust for Alphabets"

Thank you for everything. You know exactly who you are.