Indiscriminate Lovers: The Music of Leonard Cohen (featuring Trent Wagler of The Steel Wheels)

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Indiscriminate Lovers: The Music of Leonard Cohen (featuring Trent Wagler of The Steel Wheels)

Indiscriminate Lovers is a musical partnership between Trent Wagler and Derek Kratzer, who first began playing music together in college. "Amen" is their first collaborative project since 2006. This album grew out of an inspired evening of music at a Leonard Cohen tribute night.

Derek Kratzer teaches strings in Chapel Hill, NC. He and long-time friend, Trent Wagler were looking for an opportunity to make music together around their otherwise busy schedules when they stumbled on an idea. Audiences may know Trent as the lead singer/songwriter for the Americana Roots band, The Steel Wheels. This side project became a personal obsession for Wagler after hearing of Leonard Cohen's death on November 7th, 2016.

"It was a watershed moment. There was this crazy political climate in our country, all this lazy language putting people into broad categories, and in the midst of the loudest noise of that, was this man, this hero-poet, who gave such thought to language and human experience, who was passing on. It felt like some kind of final poetic grand gesture. But I felt cheated. I felt like we needed him now as much as ever. I started consuming his music as much as possible. I read "I'm Your Man," a great biography of Leonard Cohen. I'm not an expert, I'm just a passionate student. And I think we all need more Leonard Cohen and less of the other noise that can make these times feel tough."

After producing a set of Cohen songs for a local tribute night in Harrisonburg, VA in 2017, Derek and Trent decided to record a short EP to literally record the arrangements they had put together. The November tour will feature songs of Leonard Cohen as well as various thoughtful musical diversions by the Lovers.