Norse Folk Rave

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Norse Folk Rave

Peasants, rogues, villains and royals, Curious Folk hereby invite you to another evening of splendid music, revelry, storytelling and spectacles! America's favorite cartoon witch, the macabre TOYBOX THEATRE will be presenting a morbid take on Norse storytelling, along with the ethereal folk band brief Awakening and a triumphant return of Grendel's Mother, the dark folk quartet spawned into existence at the first Norse Folk Rave. Whispers swirl of a feast and a dance party afterwards, so join us in your very best garb!

Several armourers and clothiers will be present including the The Grim Ringer, Moreau's mercantile, Lycaonthropology, Rams Head Leather, and more!

The Norse Folk Rave welcomes all folks of all types & ages, however this event will include rough language!

Scoundrels and knaves beware- Curious Folk events are no place for hate, and a portion of our proceeds shall be donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center

Curious Folk are Asheville’s newest purveyors of unique and wonderfully themed experiences! They bring together all manner of entertainers, artists, artisans, and revelers to celebrate the world as it once was, real or imagined. Their Norse Folk Rave follows the wildly successful Asheville Medieval Market and Viking Fight Night events. "Toybox Theatre has existed since 1998 and is the creation of visual and performing artist Keith Shubert. Shubert specializes in deft character acting and award winning puppetry. Among his awards are Fan Favorite and Best Performance 2013 National Puppetry Festival, 2014 Seed Grant from The Jim Henson Foundation, and an UNIMA Citation of Excellence in The Art of Puppetry, the highest award given in the field." Medieval Rave… Dark Folk… Amplified History… these labels will give you only the slightest understanding of the ancient musical magick Grendel’s Mother performs. Experience in person their unique and powerful melodies; for it is certain that your shiny metal box will not do it justice.

Grendel’s Mother is a creation of Craig Sandberg joined by Drayton Aldridge, Mattick Frick, and Charles Furtado brief Awakening is a tribe of fairy creatures who can only effectively communicate through song and dance. Mandolin, guitar, ethereal vocals, synth, heart drums and harmonious overtones swirl, bubble,and trail wherever brief Awakening wanders.

Kat Arrants magically dances with strange synth noises spacially mixed with rhythmic piano. The tiny beast that is Kara Petrucci stomps on the kick drum at the same time as flying around on her red dragon mandolin.

brief Awakening has been featured live on UnRegular Radio (Boston, MA) , City Wide Blackout (Boston, MA) ,Three Strange Women (Boston, MA), and Daddio Radio (Spartanburg, SC). They just released their sophomore album "Excelsior" .