Come out and celebrate with The Nude Party

The authentically rockin' rockstars head to The Mothlight

It all started in the freshman dorms of Appalachian State University in Boone back in 2012. It was there that members of The Nude Party crossed paths and ventured out to live in a nearby lake house together. Once there, they all ended up playing music together and experimenting with the psychedelic rock sounds of bygone eras—sometimes with their clothes off, naturally. 

Eleanor Underhill delivers a soaring set at Aloft

The local singer/songwriter wows the downtown crowd

Last Thursday night at Aloft's W XYZ lounge, singer/songwriter Eleanor Underhill performed a fun set of songs for the lounge's attendees. Armed with a trusty banjo, she enhanced everyone's evening with her impressive talent and soulful voice. People appreciated her songs inside the lounge and also out on the outdoor patio as a lazy summer sunset descended over Asheville.

Eleanor Underhill gets set to play Aloft's W XYZ Lounge

Get ready to rock with the talented local musician

When it comes to Asheville musicians, Eleanor Underhill is no stranger to the local scene. She graduated from Warren Wilson College and met her musical partner Molly Rose there––the rest is history. They formed The Barrel House Mamas together and later focused on their duo project called Underhill Rose.

Grey Spat Matters...and so does Guided By Voices!

Pure rock and roll magic

Last Friday night at The Grey Eagle saw Ohio's legendary rockers Guided By Voices put on an explosive show for a nearly packed venue. With their most recent release Space Gun having just come out back in March, the crowd was hyped up and ready to have a good time. The front row loudly chanted “GBV! GBV! GBV!” as the clock neared 9:30, with the show originally listed as starting right at 9.

A brief chat with Guided By Voices

We talk pre-show rituals, Italian food, and more with one of the greatest bands to ever do it

Holden Mesk, writer for Asheville Music Guide, spoke to Guided By Voices bassist Mark Shue ahead of their show tomorrow night at The Grey Eagle. Read the full thing below!

Hi Guided By Voices! Thanks for doing this interview with Asheville Music Guide. You've been to Asheville a number of times, what's your favorite part about coming here?

We love Asheville. It’s a beautiful part of the country and we always look forward to coming through town. The shows are a blast. You guys have a lot of great record stores too.


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