Atmosphere and Soul

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Thursday was a quiet night at Isis Music Hall in West Asheville. Even though there was no show on the main stage that night, there was a surprise in store for patrons upstairs.

After a successful duo tribute show last December, Kipyn Martin returned to Asheville to showcase her own songwriting talent. The “Joan and Joni” themed show was a homage to Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell that introduced Asheville music goers to Martin’s impressive singing voice.

The atmosphere in the lounge was relaxed with a mix of diners sitting at tables and folks sitting at the bar. Even Martin said she could smell everyone had made some delicious choices. She began with one of her quintessential numbers, Keep Your Lantern Lit. Her two sets were a mix of folk originals and a few covers ranging from blues to a few of those Joni hits.

There was no difficulty connecting her emotions and experiences pouring from songs. Martin spoke between numbers about some of the times in her life that spurred her to learn to write music. Growing up in the beautiful Shenandoah valley, she sang much about the beauty of an area not far different from Asheville. She’s currently in recording for her next release, which I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more of after getting a little preview during the show.

It felt like we all got the chance to know her a little by the end, the audience even got to help sing at one point. Martin could have kept singing for another two hours with no complaint if it wasn’t a weeknight show. Next time I hope she’ll fill the house on the main stage!

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Header Image: Photo by Brian Komatz Photography, 2012

1st Image: Photo by Brady Ford of Asheville Music Guide

Video filmed and edited by Chanelle Grannum