Com Truise cruises through New Mountain

Com Truise cruises through New Mountain image

This Wednesday night New Mountain is gonna get thoroughly vibed out thanks to Com Truise and friends. Opening acts Nosaj Thing and Cleopold are set to get the night off to a chill start. If you don't already know, main act Com Truise is the brainchild of super talented artist and all around cool guy Seth Haley. Coming to Asheville straight from upstate New York, Haley is one of those artists that has a seriously loyal following of electronic music lovers no matter where he goes.

Nosaj Thing, one of the most creative electronic producers of the decade, will be showcasing some of what made ciritcs and fans fall in love with him. Mellow but still energetic, his sound is something that definitely makes you take notice. Cleopold is another artist that fits right in with the other two amazing acts. His sound is clean and interesting, while maintaining that classic feel that makes his work so addictive. 

If you like dreamy synths that echo of a time filled with VHS tapes, neon, and Members Only jackets then this is absolutely the show for you. To say that Com Truise brings the nostalgic feels is just the tip of the iceberg, you feel totally transported to a shinier, cooler, more glamorous world and you never want to leave. Prepare youself for one of the most solid electronic shows this year has to offer!

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Header photo by Com Truise Press Photo