Come out and celebrate with The Nude Party

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It all started in the freshman dorms of Appalachian State University in Boone back in 2012. It was there that members of The Nude Party crossed paths and ventured out to live in a nearby lake house together. Once there, they all ended up playing music together and experimenting with the psychedelic rock sounds of bygone eras—sometimes with their clothes off, naturally. 

Although they're now clothed on stage, the sound that they harnessed during the wild nights at the lake house remains the same. Fuzzilicious psych-rock pours into your ears song after song on the group's self-titled debut album from this past summer. These guys got soul and plenty of it, and thankfully you don't need to travel far to witness it for yourself.

This Thursday night The Nude Party is playing a show right here in West Asheville with Glove and Kitty Tsunami at The Mothlight and you should definitely come on out. Lo-fi garage rock and surf rock are what you can look forward to with the opening acts, ultimately rounding off what is surely going to be a very, very groovy evening. See you there? 

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