A dreamy evening with Destroyer

A dreamy evening with Destroyer image

This past Monday night at The Grey Eagle was a special show of pure musical talent with Destroyer. Dan Bejar pulled out all the stops and gave his heart to the packed house of people there to witness one of the most masterful acts of our time. Opener Mega Bog added to the night's artistry with a stunning opening set.

The evening started with Seattle pop rockers Mega Bog, and when they strolled out on stage people attentively gathered around the front of the stage. Led by songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Erin Birgy, the first song of their set was a quiet and intimate one that got the room focused. After that first track though the energy was ramped way up.

Intricate guitar compositions and flute solos followed suit with the growing crowd loving every minute of it. After a solid amount of jams they said their farewells and headed backstage to rounds of applause. Now the exciting waiting game of anticipating when Den Bejar would strut out on stage and begin Destroyer's set began.

It wasn't long until the hum of conversation all congregated into hoots and cheers when Bejar and his band emerged from backstage to take over The Grey Eagle. Opening up with “Sky's Grey” from last year's killer album ken, Bejar and his backing band members looked cool as ever as they masterfully performed for the full room of people.

Playing a healthy mix of old and new songs, Destroyer was totally slaying the night and making everyone fall in love all over again with Bejar and his unique style. The dim lighting was that of every show, but something with the music and the overall vibes made it all seem a little more romantic and cinematic. 

The applause that met the end of it all was loud and thunderous, and when the lights came up and Destoyer had gone off stage you could tell there were many people who never wanted it to end.

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All photos by Holden Mesk of Asheville Music Guide