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It was pretty obvious even before getting to the venue on July 1 that they were in town once again. The streets of downtown were brimming with tye-dyed tour shirts from past shows and festivals. When a band like The String Cheese Incident comes through, fans know not to miss it. Some of the dedicated concertgoers that I spoke to travelled from hours away to avoid missing an awesome set of shows.

SCI walked out on stage and got right to it! They had no real need for an opener and played for well over three full hours, including their set break. Classics like “Birdland,” “Mouna Bowa,” and “Texas” incited early pandemonium in the building. The volume of twirling and dancing could rival any ballet. Before sending everyone home for the evening, they even tacked on a duo of “Quinn The Eskimo” as the encore.

As referenced by Keith in our interview, String Cheese’s new studio space has apparently been working well for them, because this first night of their show also included several newer tracks, including “Falling Through The Cracks” and the live debut of “Get Tight”.

Although the first night of their show was pretty wild, it was outshone by the following night. Right from the start it was easy to tell attendance on July 2 was up, police and civilian alike. The second and final evening was marked by the classics everyone obviously wanted to hear. The crowd sang along with songs like “Colorado Bluebird Sky” and “Song In My Head”.

Asheville has been a long time destination for lucky fans of The String Cheese Incident, and this time was no exception. SCI even gave a nod to locals for “staying cool” in a place where it’s not always easy. Hopefully they keep doing what they do so well, keep those “Good vibes in circulation,” and come back soon.

Note: Asheville Music Guide writer, Brady Ford, also had a chance to talk to SCI Bassist Keith Moseley before the shows. To listen to the full interview visit

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