The Obsessives and friends head to Fleetwood's

The Obsessives and friends head to Fleetwood's image

Fleetwood's in West Asheville will see four equally awesome bands do their thing Sunday night. I'm talking The Obsessives, Nervous Dater, Cocordion, and Flugel all sharing the same stage! Everybody is gonna get their jam on, and for just $5 a pop you and your pals can join in on the fun. If you're still not sold let me delve into some of the deets on the night's performers. 

The Obsessives are the definition of a perfect indie rock band. Formed in September 2012 by Nick Bairatchnyi and Jackson Mansfield, the dynamic duo have gone on to put out 2 solid albums and a host of EPs that play in my head on a regular basis. Moving onto Nervous Dater, a Brooklyn four-piece who just last year put out their debut album Don't Be a Stranger. Their music is energetic and charismatic and you should be stoked to see them.

Also on the night's agenda are Cocordion, an experimental indie band comprised of brothers Mitchel and Mason Macura, and Thom Spano. They just put out a new single “Head” last month and I'm pumped to see them get their groove on. Last but not least is local act Flugel, who has an EP and an album out on bandcamp that are both chock full of good vibes and fun experimentation. Basically what I'm sayin' is––don't miss this show! 

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