Respectful mosh pits and more with Diet Cig and friends

Respectful mosh pits and more with Diet Cig and friends image

Last Sunday night at the Mothlight was as refreshing as the 70 degree days Asheville had seen over the winter weekend. The lineup was full of talented young artists from all over the world: Diet Cig, Great Grandpa and The Spook School. All three acts really meshed well together and were perfectly suited for this awesome tour. Their sounds really complimented each other and kept the energy levels and fun off the charts.

First up was Glasgow, Scotland's The Spook School and they immediately got the crowd going. All the members had such amazing stage presence and really made the crowd feel comfortable. Much of their music touches on themes of queer and trans identities and it was really a treat to be able to see such a diverse community of people rocking out to such killer music together. Their unique brand of uplifting body positive indie pop kept concert goers engaged throughout the entire set. They wished the crowd well at the end of their turn at the stage and headed off to watch the rest of the show.

Next up was Great Grandpa, coming to us from Seattle, WA. Their sound was really cohesive, thanks in part to the strong vocal style of Alex Menne. Their grungy laid back vibes mix perfectly with emotional, relatable lyrics to create a truly fulfilling live performance. They told stories about doing edibles in a giant green field and freaking out, they reminded us that this show was a safe space and to be respectful of each other, and they put on a seriously awesome set. Who could ask for more?

After a small intermission it was time for the main event, Diet Cig. Alex Luciano and Noah Bowman make up this amazing New York band with such a dedicated following. The night was already off to a seriously rockin' start and Diet Cig certainly kept the party going. Luciano's performance was heartfelt and electric, twirling around the stage and pumping up the audience. Everyone was singing along to every single word and having the time of their lives. It was a really magical time and it was hard to say goodbye. 

When all was said and done, everyone poured their hearts out onstage and the crowd seemed to have had a really positive and cathartic night. You go to shows to feel something and to connect with people and that's definitely what happened for all involved. Can't wait to see these folks come back to Asheville one day!

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All photos by Holden Mesk of Asheville Music Guide