Samantha Fish rocks Salvage Station

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Despite the rainy weather, Samantha Fish played a killer show on Saturday night to a big crowd at Salvage Station. Openers T.V. Mike and the Scarecrowes got the evening off to a great start with their warm spirited sound. Laughter filled the air, beer bottles clang together, and the downpour of rain outside the walls of the cozy venue didn't even matter. 

When the clock struck showtime, T.V. Mike and the Scarecrowes took the stage and got right into the jams. Folks in the crowd were sitting and standing around and enjoying the good vibes flowing through the air. They even managed to play a song off of their new album coming out at the end of this summer!

The rain kept on pouring as the night went on, but fortunately the band kept grooving. T.V. Mike frontman Mike Klinge strummed and sang his heart out to the full crowd of people who were swaying and dancing right along with the tunes. When their set came to a close they walked off to big rounds of applause and lots of love. 

Up next on the agenda was the blues queen herself, Samantha Fish. The intermission between sets is always a time where you can really get an understanding of how pumped a crowd is for the main act, and the excitement in the air for Samantha Fish was tangible. The stage lights lit up, her bandmates walked out, and then there she was—Samantha Fish at Salvage Station!

Before Fish even got into her first song she was met with lively cheers and applause, and then it was music time. Her hard-hitting guitar skills and soulful voice were front and center as she opened up the show with “Turn It Up” off of her 2015 album Wild Heart. She sounded better than ever and her band kept up with her perfectly. 

In between songs she spoke to the audience and thanked them for braving the rainy weather and coming to see her perform. The rest of the evening was pure fun and rock 'n' roll as Fish treated the venue to a plethora of songs from her extensive career. The crowd showed their love to the fullest and sent off Samantha Fish like the rockstar she was when the night was over. Until next time!

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All photos by Holden Mesk of Asheville Music Guide