Spending the night with Balance and Composure

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"I really appreciate all of you coming out on a Tuesday evening to see us, we'll never forget you,” said Balance and Composure frontman Jon Simmons toward the end of their set earlier this week at The Grey Eagle. Likewise, the crowd won't forget them anytime soon either. The Pennsylvania rockers thrashed to their heart's content along with openers From Indian Lakes and Queen Of Jeans to make the night unforgettable and fun. 

Philadelphia's Queen Of Jeans kicked the evening off with their lulling yet energetic brand of harmonic pop. The female-fronted quartet thanked the people watching them for being cool and coming early to catch their set. Every member looked like they were having tons of fun as they played songs off of their self-titled EP from last year.

After closing out with a super rockin' cover of Aaliyah's “Are You That Somebody,” Queen Of Jeans said their goodbyes and peaced out. More people had shown up and the venue was filling out when the next act of the night, From Indian Lakes, came out from backstage. The California based band got comfortable in their respective places under the glow of a neon sign that was hanging from the ceiling bearing the acronym of the group, FIL.

The Grey Eagle was quickly transformed into a lush indie rock heaven thanks to From Indian Lakes' expert musical talent. Frontman and founder Joey Vannucchi was right in the middle of it all, cool and composed as ever with a white t-shirt tucked into baby blue denim jeans. In between songs, Vannucchi communicated with the crowd in a “casual, like we're all at a bar together” sort of way.

Song after song, they kept delivering. But eventually it was time for their set to end and Balance and Composure's to begin. From Indian Lakes thanked the crowd for coming out and then began packing up their things. It was only a brief intermission later that the main act of the night was taking the stage and the crowd was ready to rock.

Balance and Composure's set started off with a couple songs off of their newest album from the end of last year, Light We Made. It was great to get to see the band showing off their new sound and looking awesome while doing it. The audience was feeling the good vibes and singing along as blue lights flashed around on stage to create a melancholic atmosphere. 

The band played a healthy mix of music off of their earlier albums in addition to the new material and kept their set fresh and fun. Frontman Jon Simmons gave props to both openers in between songs and instructed the crowd to go buy all their merch up front after the show. Instructions that many of the people in the audience took to heart and acted on when it all came to a close. Keep on rockin' Balance and Composure, keep on rockin'. 

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Header photo, Queen Of Jeans photo, and Balance and Composure photo by Holden Mesk
From Indian Lakes photo by Max Alford