String Cheese Incident to play two nights of shows July 4th weekend in Asheville!

String Cheese Incident to play two nights of shows July 4th weekend in Asheville! image

For over 20 years now, String Cheese Incident has been a staple of the festival circuit and the Asheville music scene. Starting at Be Here Now and eventually moving to what is now The U.S. Cellular Center, String Cheese has played over a dozen “Incidents” here over the years. Now they have a new Summer tour on the horizon, which includes two nights in Asheville over the 4th of July weekend. Asheville Music Guide had a chance to chat with Bassist Keith Moseley to get the low down on what he and the band have been up to.

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AMG: Hey Keith, thanks for taking the time to talk with Asheville Music Guide today. How’s it going?
KM: It’s going well, how are you doing?

AMG: We’re really excited to talk to you. So we’re all really excited about the upcoming tour.
KM: Material...well you know it’s almost probably become the highlight of much of the music that we plan because that’s just fun for us. We’ve been spending a bunch of time writing and recording. So, you know, for us the focus will be on playing a lot of the newer stuff.

AMG:  That’s Awesome. Does that mean we might get to hear another new release coming up soon?
KM: Yea, know know we just closed a week back in April doing another band retreat. We did one a year ago April then again this April. We’re just so focused on just writing and playing you know. It’s been time very well spent. We were able to get the framework of five or six new tunes going and you know that’s one of the things on the heels of concluding the things we did last April.
So we’re in the middle of this very creative process. We have a new studio space that we bought and are converting to our own recording-rehearsal studio. We’re probably still in the stage of trying to do a lot of writing and recording and just getting the new music out. We should have some new tunes out before we start the summer tour and then there will be a couple more releases during the summer as soon as they become ready.

AMG: I know the 20th anniversary of Born on the Wrong Planet is coming up and was thinking we might get to hear some of that too. Maybe some Resume Man while you’re here?
KM: You know maybe...we haven’t really talked about that much. I didn’t realize it was 20 years but that’s right. Time flies by, doesn’t it? The focus is really kind of on getting these new tunes out. It’s been really exciting for us working in our new studio space, it’s really coming together. We’ll definitely be able to feature some new tunes and some old classics too.

AMG: I wanted to ask you about one of your side projects, Keller’s Grateful Grass. I know they’re gonna be here in a couple of weeks. Are you gonna be doubling up on visiting      Asheville or really just getting ready for the tour.
KM: No, you know Keller just really calls me up before the gigs and I do the ones I’m available for. I’m only doing a couple of Grateful Grass gigs this summer. He’s kind of got a revolving cast that he’s able to fill in the day with, so I won’t be on that one.

AMG: So you guys have been here to Asheville probably a dozen or a dozen and a half times over the years. Is it something about Asheville that keeps you coming back?
KM: Yea it’s always been a great market for us. It seems like a great music town and it’s a fun town in general. We’ve had some days off there and been able to get out and explore the town and the surrounding countryside.  Got to go for a hike and that kinda thing. I know the Asheville area is definitely appreciative of good music and has always been super supportive of us.

AMG: Yeah, we’re really lucky to keep having you guys coming through.
KM: We appreciate the stellar fan base, it’s been great for us.

AMG: You have any favorite Asheville restaurants or beers you try and get a hold of while you’re here?
KM: You know it’s been a few years now since we’ve been in town, I need to catch up on that. I couldn’t tell you any of my favorites right now.

AMG: So it’s no secret you’re a long time skier and snowboarder. A friend of mine who works the slopes in this area was curious about what some of your all-time favorite spots are?
KM: The last few years I’ve mostly been heading out to Keystone here lately in Summit County. We’ve got some friends up there and we’ve been taking family trips up there. My girls are really good skiers at this point so the family goes a couple of times a year up there. It’s been awhile since I’ve been anywhere outside Colorado. You know as my kids get older and we have that school schedule, school sports and music programs the vacation time starts to dwindle.

AMG: Easy to stay busy between the family and the band I’m sure.
KM: Definitely, [unintelligible].

AMG: So I know every “Incident” you guys do, especially during a tour, is a special occasion but the ones here and after Asheville in Atlanta are what you’re calling “Independance Incidents”. Is there anything special we might expect about those shows?
KM: Yea, I mean, I’m sure we’ll try get something special for Independance Day weekend together. We head into our Summer rehearsals here in a couple of weeks and we’ve got two weeks of rehearsals to get ready for the Electric Forest festival first and then the Asheville-Atlanta run. So we’ll try and work up some stuff for the Independance Day shows, yea that’ll be fun.

AMG: Awesome! Great, well I really look forward to seeing you guys while you’re here, both nights I think. We appreciate you taking a couple of minutes out of your day to talk to us.
KM: Yea no problem Brady, we’re looking forward to getting back. I can say Asheville’s always been a great scene for us, great audience and very appreciative. We’re overdue for some Incidents in town and we’re looking forward to getting back to Asheville.

AMG: Alright, Thanks again!
KM: Okay Brady, thank you. Take Care.

Note: Interview has been paraphrased and transcribed by Brady Ford of Asheville Music Guide.

Image Credits:
Brian Spady Photography