(You Got To) Hold on Asheville, here come the Alabama Shakes.

(You Got To) Hold on Asheville, here come the Alabama Shakes. image

After the release of their first album Boys & Girls in 2012, it was pretty easy to pin down the Alabama Shakes as a new age blues and soul group. Brittany Howard (lead vocals and guitar) certainly has enough soul and stage presence to fill every venue in Asheville, but what the group has brought with their most recent record, Sound & Color can only be described as genre transposition.  Somehow the Alabama Shakes were able to create an album that fits just right everywhere, it’s their Goldilocks, and it’s the ideal way to consume what they really want.  

What exactly do the Alabama Shakes want?  

They want you to feel and connect with their music in a way that shakes you to your soul. They manage to do just that with effortless command of their instruments, songwriting that will pluck at your heartstrings, and a stage presence that really is indescribable.

Make your way to the U.S. Cellular Center Tuesday night, where starting at 8:00 Dylan LeBlanc will keep you plenty entertained until the Alabama Shakes takes the stage - they will not disappoint!

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